New: launch of Vimeet365, your year-round community management platform

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Décuplez le ROI de votre événement

Leader in physical, virtual and hybrid business meetings

Our speciality: Targeted business meetings

Our appointment scheduling algorithm is unique in the events market. It ensures a greater number and higher quality of business meetings for your events

More than 20 years of experience as a business convention organiser means we can offer premium support, share best practices and provide an expert support team

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You can rely on our experience in organizing events

If there are components of your event you don’t want to manage yourselves, our 50 project managers, sales people, marketers and logistics experts can work within your teams to deliver them

Following the success of the proprietary digital solutions used at conventions run by the Proximum Group, the European leader in business convention organisation, Vimeet became a business unit of the Proximum 365 Group and has been providing the best experience for event organisers and attendees since 2012

A strategic partner for all your events

physical / virtual / hybrid

21 years of experience

4 000
events managed

2 000 000
meetings organised per year

user countries

The Vimeet platform is robust, secure and encrypted

GDPR compliant technologyAs a leading defence and space event organiser, Vimeet’s event management platform has the most advanced level of data encryption on the market