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Vimeet saved our lives! When the containment was announced I had to make the heavy decision to cancel a major physical event where I was going to gather 600 participants. By quickly searching on the internet for digital alternatives I identified the Vimeet solution and was able to rotate my event in 100% remote mode while keeping the core business of our format which is one to one meetings. Beyond the robust and user friendly technology, it was a professional team that operated the event with my teams for a very efficient result. As soon as the second confinement was pronounced, we didn't hesitate for a second to entrust Vimeet with the digitization of our last 3 events of the year.
Jérémy VIGNA,
Sales and Marketing Director
Marketing & Sales Director
We are already working with Proximum on two of our flagship events, Eurosatory and Platinum Security, we naturally turned to Proximum to help us organize our first 100% digital event, CONNECT by Coges Events.

Professionalism and support (especially technical) before and during the event were at the highest level. Participants and speakers were able to easily organize their meetings and webinars. Overall, the event was a great success!
Jean-Eric Michallet,
General Delegate of the cluster, Minalogic
Given the duration of this very special situation and the importance of Minalogic Business Meetings for our cluster and its ecosystem, we agreed to play the game of digitizing the event. The change was vertiginous, but with the help of Proximum, we succeeded in this challenge and we all learned a lot from the experience," explains Jean-Eric Michallet, General Delegate of the cluster.
Karine MARTIN,
Event Communication Manager, UNITEC
The meetings went very well and this year, with the Vimeet platform being used for the first time, we have had nothing but positive feedback!

The webApp worked well and helped participants to keep track of their meeting schedule, updated with any changes. In fact, all the participants told us that they were able to easily identify where and with whom they had a meeting. A point on which we frequently had remarks before using the Vimeet platform in previous editions.

Annabel Dubois, Innovation and Transformation Financing Project Manager at ADI-NA / Investor Relations for INNOVADAY, reminds that the use of innovative tools for the organisation of the meetings was in line with the theme of innovation, which was very well received, particularly by investors.
Bérengère CORBEL,
Deputy Director, SOGENA
Vimeet is an undeniable asset for the success of our professional exhibitions: Euronaval and Euromaritime. The performance of the tool and the commitment of the Proximum teams enable us to offer our customers a quality BTOB service that contributes to the success of our events.
Susana MAURE
Senior Marketing Manager, InnoEnergy
We have been working with the Vimeet platform for our TBB event for three years. Their solution for organizing business meetings is very efficient and allowed us to have more than 2000 meetings organized during the last edition. The project team, Mael and Antoine, have always been attentive to adapt the platform to our particular needs and have been a great support during the preparation and also on site. Their professionalism and their support at all levels (registration, invoicing and B2B management), helped us to face the organization of a great event in a serene way.
Marjorie CAVAYÉ
Project Director / Co-founder,
Mademoiselle Associée
We have been using Vimeet for 5 years for the Hacking of the City Hall. The platform allows us to organize 4000 BtoB meetings every year with efficiency and offers us a real time saving in the centralization of the participants' registrations. The team of project managers is attentive throughout the organization of the event.
Fabien RAULT,
Head of Rhizome - HRTech startup incubator & open innovation program - Paris&Co
I wanted to give my testimony on our collaboration for our two events organized at the end of the year 2020: Pre-Unleash World & DecembeHR. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again Hugo, for your commitment to this partnership with our teams. Your energy and availability have greatly contributed to the dynamics and success of these 2 events!
Catherine CESTARI,
Business Development Officer - Aerospace and Clean Transport - DIT, Overseas Post - British Consulate
The event went very well and your work contributed a lot to it.
I really enjoyed working with you: Hugo for his telephone availability during all those weeks before the event concerning the management of the BtoB platform and with Jossia for her efficiency and the quality of her welcome all day long
CEO Républik Retail, Républik MDC
Great platform to organize one-to-one meetings, with a matching tool that works and suits the end-users!
Tailor-made support at each step, a UX friendly tool that evolves quickly and a reactivity and efficiency for the rescue of the meetings thanks to visio-meetings and last-minute switching, in the context we had to face with the cancellations due to COVID-19.
On top of that, a great project manager in charge of our event. Thank you Hugo for your availability, reliability and professionalism!
Marie-Cécile CONVERT,
Marketing & communication department
We achieved an amazing thing with Vimeet transforming a physical forum in 4 days, during such a special period. Nothing was possible or conceivable on paper and yet we did it. We would like to thank and salute the professionalism, kindness and availability of the Online Meetings Events teams. All of this really wouldn't have been possible without this great team and an adaptable tool.
Jérôme BILLÉ
General Delegate
The Online Meetings solution allowed us to respond to a need of creating connection between our members and to animate our community through an innovative format. Following the success of this first event we will launch several thematic events in 2020.
Communication Manager
The Vimeet platform is now an integral part of the success of our BtoB events (ASD Days, ASTech/Airbus Forum...). It allows our participants to make the right contacts and organize hundreds of productive meetings..

The various options offered by the tool are highly appreciated and considerably facilitate the management of the event - before and during (online payment, sending of mailings, possibility of inserting the conferences in the schedules of the participants, editing of badges, access control, SMS notifications...).

We would also like to highlight the support, availability and efficiency of the team and our contact Maël. The professionalism at Vimeet has enabled us to quickly gain autonomy on the platform and to calmly anticipate the arrival of our events. Thank you!
DANZIN Servane,
Project Manager Paris Region Business Club
The Vimeet solution enabled us to organize more than 500 one-day meetings between major groups and players in the Social and Solidarity Economy last month. With more than 95% of participants satisfied at this type of event, we are delighted with the Vimeet platform. It allows us - without being logistics specialists - to offer quality events and useful business meetings.

The support team has so far been very reactive and we salute the patience of our interlocutors.
Jérémy VIGNA
Marketing & Sales Director
We have tested many providers and business matchmaking services, the Vimeet solution is the best we have used to date. This is why we have implemented it in several of our salons.

The appointment scheduling tool is simple and convenient to use. The feedback from exhibitors and visitors is very positive.

Finally, we do not forget to mention the support, reactivity and availability of Vimeet's teams, which make the difference and ensure the quality and success of this service at each of our exhibitions.
Business Manager
Thank you very much to the Vimeet team for its responsible approach and responsiveness, making the first edition of SUMMER INVEST a real success. The commitment of the project team, as well as the platform and its many technical features, played a major role in the successful organisation of our event within an extremely limited timeframe.
Alexandra CREPIN,
International Marketing & Communication Manager
Reed Expositions France
The platform is a real asset: it gave us the opportunity to better manage meetings before and during the show.

The follow-up with the Vimeet team made this edition of Franchise Expo Paris a success!
CCI Business Grand Paris Project Manager
Very appreciated follow-up from Vimeet: reactive in terms of method, ambitious in the process of building the event, intelligent in the communication on the event, with an optimal qualified meet-up system to achieve our objectives on networking for the Greater Paris project. We are very satisfied with the way this operation was set up alongside Vimeet.
Project director, Région Occitanie
I would like to thank you again for your support and commitment throughout the organisation of the European Campus for Tourism Innovation. Your availability and reactivity have been very useful to us. Your presence on site was greatly appreciated by all the organizers and participants, it is certain that this outreach work has greatly contributed to the success of the Campus.
Danielle LESTANG
Project Manager Expert Innovation Mer & Littoral
The pluses of Vimeet:
● A modern and intuitive platform
● A very practical smartphone version allowing new requests for live meetings!
● A friendly and dynamic team on site to further boost appointments.
The participants appreciated it and so did we!
François JALBERT,
Events Director
The Vimeet platform is easy to use for both users and Smart City Marseille organisers.

User training is very effective and enables one to rapidly get to grips with the tool. Very practical when one uses the platform several times in a year!
Nuclear Trade & Investment Campaign Lead
Department for International Trade,
British Embassy France
The Vimeet service was of a very high quality throughout the preparation of our event and on site. You have been very responsive and available to meet our needs and those of the participants, which is definitely one of the elements of the success of this edition. Another great event organised thanks to Vimeet! Excellent follow-up of the teams during the preparation and on site, which greatly contributed to the success of the forum we were organizing.
Catherine DELFOUR,
Head of Communication, Systematic Paris-Région
What makes the difference with our Vimeet contacts is their ability to understand our problems, the effectiveness of their advice and the great responsiveness they demonstrate (which amazes us each new collaboration). Trust is there, it is the invaluable "plus" of our relationship.
Development Manager Industry
The use of the Vimeet platform before the business meetings is simple and efficient, especially for contact tracking, mailings, dashboards, agenda generation and appointment optimization, etc.

The feedback from the participants is excellent. It is easy to use and offers very good visibility thanks to the catalogue. The appointment scheduling system is very convenient even if some appointments have remained on hold.

Another essential point, the support provided was remarkable: Availability, efficiency,... Especially about unlocking some technical points, the reminder of key deadlines, and of course the follow-up throughout the process.
Mathilde HERMAN
Services, development and studies manager
Thanks to the Vimeet platform, GICAT was able to provide a new service to its members.
For the first time our members had access to a database of a hundred applications and took the opportunity to meet their potential future employees at Eurosatory. The Vimeet platform is a very versatile tool that has been able to adapt to the strong demand from candidates and recruiters. Despite the very tight deadlines imposed on the Vimeet teams, the platform was able to become fully operational very quickly. Thanks to adjustments made up to the last moment, we were able to organise a first recruitment day which calls for many more in the future.
Laurie RESSE
Corporate Relations Manager
For several years, we have been working with Vimeet within the framework of our Business School Forum.
The intuitive and ergonomic platform offered to our business partners and students is a differentiating vector and brings real added value that ensures the success of the event since 2015. The listening, availability and responsiveness of the Vimeet team are as many reasons that push us to perpetuate our collaboration.
Elliott NYSSEN,
Event Manager
It has been several years that we use the Vimeet platform for our events. We have never been disappointed. the platform is really esay to use and user friendly, the feedback from our visitors is excellent. The Vimeet Team is always receptive and shows a great availability. We will for sure use Vimeet again for our next events.
Guillaume NICOLAS,
A hudge thank you to the Vimeet team, for its responsiveness, professionalism, availability, perseverance, efficiency and IT tools made the first edition of TECHSHOW a real success, in record time. Flawless!
We have the feeling of working hand in hand with a partner of choice: the team is very professional and particularly reactive.
Co-founder of ChangeNOW - International Summit for Change
An efficient service and a very attentive and available team.

The Vimeet service makes it possible to organize hundreds of unprecedented meetings between entrepreneurs and investors, and is very appreciated by the participants.
Hicham BENNIS,
France Trade Fair / Events and Development Director.
I would like to thank the whole Vimeet team for their responsiveness and professionalism.

From the start of the project until the closure of the Morocco France Partnership Forum, the Vimeet team was available and above all efficient. I highly recommend them and would work with them again at the first opportunity.

Events Director
I can only join Louise-Marie in thanking you for your efficiency and your professionalism during this event.

We have received a lot of praise and it is our great pleasure to share it with you.
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