Enable your participants to continue Networking in a safe and secure manner, by offering them a custom-made hybrid event. Take advantage of our business layer organizer: Let us know your needs... we'll take care of the rest!

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official B2B tools
A structuring tool
The recruiter space includes the exhibition options, the possibility of creating as many company files and associated accounts as required, classification of applications and job adverts using many criteria.

The CV library enables you to access the most relevant profiles in just 1 click through a predictive algorithm.

Candidates fill in their online profiles and upload their CV at the same time.
The list of profiles most relevant to recruiters is available in the CV library.
A professional environment
Vimeet provides a modern, responsive and secure interface incorporating all of the latest features including live text message reminders, appointment notifications and automatic payment and billing for your job forum.
On site,our teams manage ticketing, automatic badge generation, scanning and filtering of the persons present.

Incorporation of additional events such as CV proofreading workshops, conferences, etc.
Total flexibility
Vimeet can manage a timetable with interviews scheduled in advance for high-value candidates, as well as live drop-in sessions for candidates.
With Vimeet, there are also more interviews held by means of a matching algorithm to facilitate prior preparation of meetings between candidates & companies.
Economia FR Actualité
Vimeet saved our lives! When the containment was announced I had to make the heavy decision to cancel a major physical event where I was going to gather 600 participants. By quickly searching on the internet for digital alternatives I identified the Vimeet solution and was able to rotate my event in 100% remote mode while keeping the core business of our format which is one to one meetings. Beyond the robust and user friendly technology, it was a professional team that operated the event with my teams for a very efficient result. As soon as the second confinement was pronounced, we didn't hesitate for a second to entrust Vimeet with the digitization of our last 3 events of the year.
Marie-Cécile CONVERT,
Marketing & communication department
We achieved an amazing thing with Vimeet transforming a physical forum in 4 days, during such a special period. Nothing was possible or conceivable on paper and yet we did it. We would like to thank and salute the professionalism, kindness and availability of the Online Meetings Events teams. All of this really wouldn't have been possible without this great team and an adaptable tool.
François JALBERT,
Events Director
The Vimeet platform is easy to use for both users and Smart City Marseille organisers.

User training is very effective and enables one to rapidly get to grips with the tool. Very practical when one uses the platform several times in a year!
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Everything is easy with Vimeet
2 hours’ remote training via a shared screen gives you great independence (managing your attendees, billing, organising sub-events such as conferences for example) and total ease.

Intuitive management of the Vimeet platform improves your users’ experience.
Effective remote training and an easy-to-use platform to achieve greater autonomy.
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