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Smart Tank

Smart Profile

Presentation form (LinkedIn style) where each type of participant is encouraged to fill in as many categories as possible to strengthen the quality of the searches and meetings.
Go beyond simple declarative information in the registration process and involve the participant in the event from the outset.

Smart Meeting

Put several people behind a theme sheet and offer a number of matching tools to facilitate participant matching.
An improved OnetoOne meeting methodology with multiple contact points.  

Smart Menu

Share the theme running through the event through a clear and comprehensible menu. Go beyond traditional feature buttons; implement custom buttons to provide your community with a personalised experience.
Make it easy to see the driving force behind your event.

Smart Tracking

Make profile hunting a two-way process by tracking attendees clicks on their presentation form. This means that all participants can be proactive in triggering meetings with visitors to their listing.
Quick identification of active or inactive prospects during the event.

We facilitate all the following events:

We facilitate all the following events: