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Lead Capture

Generate qualified contacts and business 

Planned appointments

Business at your fingertips
All your appointments scheduled by our algorithm are exportable with post-appointment annotations 

Unscheduled appointments

Unplanned does not mean unplannable
All confirmed matches not scheduled by the algorithm due to lack of common availability are also exportable. The networking chat/video allows you to meet up again if the opportunity arises during the event


The essential discussion tool
This additional functionality allows you to generate additional contacts instantly and increase your chances of doing business

Contact scan

Enhanced business cards
A tool to capture leadsQR scan badges and concentrate your leads by also scanning your on-site meetings to add them to your database of qualified contacts

And above all…

Scoring and lead follow-up

Measure the real potential of your meetings
Call To Action! Ratings and comments can be applied after each meeting to determine the business conversion potential of the discussions. Communication of contact information may be conditional on the ratings issued/received

11,000 business appointments held over 2 days
Hubert Chameaud, Deputy Director General – Association des Instituts Carnot
Since 2008, PROXIMUM has supported the Carnot Institutes network in organising Rendez-vous Carnot, the R&D trade fair, which brings together 2,700 participants every year, with 11,000 business meetings held over 2 days.

PROXIMUM has drawn on its extensive experience in organising business conventions to develop Vimeet, which has been at the heart of Rendez-vous Carnot since 2017. This tool is enhanced with new features each year. Paper agendas have been replaced by agenda apps accessible on smartphones, badge and attendance management has been integrated into Vimeet, which allows for greater fluidity of access and in 2020, the event was easily able to switch to a 100% online edition with easy video connection for each meeting and hosting of conferences and pitches.

Each year, we achieve an extremely high level of satisfaction from events’ participants with the quality of their appointments. In 2019, 95.6% of companies identified new partners. What we appreciate about PROXIMUM is the total transparency that allows us to capture and understand the precise current situation at all stages of the organisation of the event.