Enable your participants to continue Networking in a safe and secure manner, by offering them a custom-made hybrid event. Take advantage of our business layer organizer: Let us know your needs... we'll take care of the rest!

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Integrated management
Vimeet manages the registration, ticketing, payment and online invoicing of your delegates and exhibitors.

They select the conferences they wish to attend, the exhibitors or other delegates they wish to meet one to one and position themselves on all other sub-events (challenges, pitches, lunch, cocktails, exhibition stands etc ...) then their agenda is optimized.

Vimeet automatically generates participants' badges with QR code and personalized participation schedule on the back.

The participants follow the changes of their schedule via the mobile webapp Vimeet which allows to consult live all the exhibitors, congress participants, conferences etc ...
Our teams can assist you on-site to manage schedules, appointments and conference registration changes using personalized SMS notifications.
More attendees
The simplicity of Vimeet combined with the power of our support services (sales, marketing, etc.) generates 50% growth in attendees on average when an event switches to Vimeet.
meetings organised
on average per trade fair.
A diary for several attendees from the same company with their appointments, conferences, lunches, etc.
More time for you
Our perfect understanding of our business combined with a platform for managing our work online enable you to remain focused on organising your congress.
Real-time monitoring of registered attendees, confirmation of attendance, business meeting management, online shopping basket and payment, hotline to respond to attendees, task automation via API, etc.)
Economia FR Actualité
Vimeet saved our lives! When the containment was announced I had to make the heavy decision to cancel a major physical event where I was going to gather 600 participants. By quickly searching on the internet for digital alternatives I identified the Vimeet solution and was able to rotate my event in 100% remote mode while keeping the core business of our format which is one to one meetings. Beyond the robust and user friendly technology, it was a professional team that operated the event with my teams for a very efficient result. As soon as the second confinement was pronounced, we didn't hesitate for a second to entrust Vimeet with the digitization of our last 3 events of the year.
Karine MARTIN,
Event Communication Manager, UNITEC
The meetings went very well and this year, with the Vimeet platform being used for the first time, we have had nothing but positive feedback!

The webApp worked well and helped participants to keep track of their meeting schedule, updated with any changes. In fact, all the participants told us that they were able to easily identify where and with whom they had a meeting. A point on which we frequently had remarks before using the Vimeet platform in previous editions.

Annabel Dubois, Innovation and Transformation Financing Project Manager at ADI-NA / Investor Relations for INNOVADAY, reminds that the use of innovative tools for the organisation of the meetings was in line with the theme of innovation, which was very well received, particularly by investors.
Susana MAURE
Senior Marketing Manager, InnoEnergy
We have been working with the Vimeet platform for our TBB event for three years. Their solution for organizing business meetings is very efficient and allowed us to have more than 2000 meetings organized during the last edition. The project team, Mael and Antoine, have always been attentive to adapt the platform to our particular needs and have been a great support during the preparation and also on site. Their professionalism and their support at all levels (registration, invoicing and B2B management), helped us to face the organization of a great event in a serene way.
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Everything is easy with Vimeet
Ticketing, badges, online payment and billing, access control, organisation of sub-events (start-up challenge, workshops, conferences, etc.).

We offer you all of the additional services so that your business meetings fit in perfectly with your events!
All attendees have access to their diary which can be updated live with notifications.
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